Paul’s Paellas Artisan Paellas Of San Diego

Paul’s Paellas Artisan Paellas Of San Diego

Paul’s Paellas Artisan Paellas Of San Diego Paul’s Paellas Artisan Paellas Of San Diego Paul’s Paellas Artisan Paellas Of San Diego

Edible Art With A Taste Second To None!


San Diego Rice - Artisan Paella Originated In San Diego!

Paella is perhaps the best known example of cross cultural fusion cuisine in the world. Although most “traditional” recipes only go back to the 19th century, paella’s true roots  are far more ancient. A fusion of Roman Steel, Moorish Technique and ingredients from both cultures to create a dish which is the perfect combination of function, form and, most importantly, great taste! 

Paul’s Paellas, also known as San Diego Rice, takes this tradition to its next logical (and long overdue) step.  These Paellas combine traditional techniques and recipes with ingredients made possible by global logistics and unprecedented  access to international markets. Each paella is an original artistic creation inspired by the Valencian genius of the very FIRST PAELLAS!

Paul has been making Paella for a quarter century and his motto remains:


Recent Creations

Cooking Utensil Or Food Canvas?

Can you remember what was served at a wedding you attended a decade ago? You will with one of these.


Their Beauty Is Star Worthy But They Taste Even Better!

The best way to feed a large group of people spectacularly. Seriously!

LOADED PAELLAS! Traditional paella recipes use limited amounts of additional ingredients with their Paelleros claiming “it’s all about the rice”. This is not so appealing to the American palate however which is more accustomed to abundance. Paul’s Paellas are therefore loaded with far more quality meats and seafood than other Paellas. Cuts into profits but the results are worth it!

APPETIZERS? Not from Paul’s Paellas. Paella is meant to stand alone with all effort going towards making the absolutely best tasting and looking paella possible. Further, our portions are LARGE and there will always be leftovers making appetizers unnecessary. If you feel the need, however, we recommend a light salad or maybe some crusty bread. Not too much though!

Contact below for availability and to reserve a date. You can also follow Paul’s Paellas on Instagram @paulspaellas.

WARNING: nuts, mangos, anchovies, caviar, goji berries...I will use anything that I think works unless directed to do otherwise. I MUST BE NOTIFIED OF ANY FOOD RESTRICTIONS BEFORE I START CO

Price Per Pan

Plate, fork, napkin and container for leftovers included.

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